My Heart Belongs to Astoria <3

Oh Astoria.
So I moved to beautiful Astoria, a little less than a week ago. I have never been happier in my life. I have a beautiful apartment, am surrounded by wonderful friends, and found a job in my career path.
Besides being 12 minutes from Manhattan.. I am surrounded by a buzz of nightlife and urban dwellings here. I have little fruit stores on ever corner.. amazing greek bakeries filled with the BEST pastries i’ve had. Boutique wine shops and little gourmands everywhere. I do feel culinary bliss is abound in Astoria.
Sanfords.. which is 4 short blocks away from me.. is an Astoria landmark. Open 24 hours; this local spot is as hip and trendy as any restaurant in the city with realistic prices and AMAZING food. I had a simple pasta genovese.. it was covered in housemade pesto, pine nuts, and the most tender grilled chicken I have eaten out in a long time. Perfection. It came with a salad, and my meal was so large I took most of it home and ate it for 2 more meals. Pasta and salad together was $10. CAN’T BEAT IT! I’m in love.
I got a job in Chelsea at Dean and Deluca Catering. I start tomorrow.
Very excited to be working in catering, which I LOVE, in the city.
The kitchen in my apartment is amazing, I worked really hard to design it to be functional! Love it.


Other side

I’m going to be working very hard on this blog and updating it regularly. This is the beginning of my story in New York City. ā¤
Thank you for reading
Sean Gallagher

5 thoughts on “My Heart Belongs to Astoria <3

  1. im very happy for you sean! it looks like you are living the dream of a many people! good luck in your job and your new life. we look forward to all of your updates and recipes!

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