Life in the City… and Pancakes :)

View from Highline Park



So I’ve been here just under a month.. and boy oh boy has my life changed.



Vintage for Brunch with April and Tom


I have met some amazing people that have shown me experiences I never thought i’d have. Glamorous parties, simple brunches, and some of the best damn food I have had in my life!

Lemon Ricotta Pancakes at Pomme Cafe

I have to say of all the revelations.. Lemon Ricotta Pancakes from Pomme Cafe…. are up there with best experiences in the city. haha I could eat them everyday. Literally heaven. Sweet but not too sweet… faint lemon flavor, and as light and fluffy as could be. Plated elegantly, steaming hot.. my heaven ❤

Although my feet are blistered, my body is aching, and I’m quite literally working my ass off ( 😛 ).. I’m the happiest I have ever been.

Singing "Strawberry Fields" in Strawberry Fields at John Lennons memorial


Recipes next time.. sleep now.





xoxo Sean


One thought on “Life in the City… and Pancakes :)

  1. Sean, hi – I met u a few years ago at Adam Broderick’s – used to do the payroll friends with your Mo…..i miss it there and should never have left (2 yrs. later and the business world just plain sucks!!!) Anyway, I’m not working now and had time to read your blogs and just thought I’d tell you I love them and you look great!!! ‘Glad to see your so happy ! Keep up the great work! Jeanne D.

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