Muffin Factory


Well i’m home.. sick in bed.. day two. So blogging it is! I wanted to share with you all some insight  into the daily grind at Dean and DeLuca.

Dean and DeLuca’s new muffin line is out! Check them out in Manhattan stores.

Delish Blueberry, Granola, Lemon Poppy seed, Chocolate Stout, Corn, and Doughnut muffins available.

If you’re in Manhattan, try one out!

I was able to work a bit on development and production of these muffins with the wonderfully talented Chef Gustaf Mabrouk, who designed and implemented this line as well as new cookies, bars, and now scones for the company.

Here are some shots of Kimberly Harstad and I working the morning muffin factory 😛

Delish freshly baked muffins

Packing the muffins to be sent out

Kimberly Harstad

Kim hard at work

I hope you take a chance to try these muffins! Everyone has worked so hard on them.

Thank you!

Kim and I.. at 4am 🙂


Sean Gallagher

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