More Cheese Please


More Cheese Please

I’m so lucky to have so many amazing friends and colleagues working in the industry in some incredible roles. Today I stopped in to visit Rebecca Foxman, one of my favorite Chefs and best friends . Rebecca is the Chef of Valley Shepherd Creamery’s Meltkraft in Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia. Meltkraft sells retail cheese all straight from the farm as well as selling, quite possibly, the most delicious grilled cheeses ever. Alongside gorgeous, fresh cheeses, they also sell farm-made Gelato made from both sheep and cows milk, and have an extensive olive bar.

Rebecca sources local ingredients and creates some of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had in my life. Stuffed with mac and cheese, or say brisket, or roast lamb! The combinations are incredible. All I can say is you have to check it out for yourself. I tasted their fresh mozzarella, that was literally made 5 minutes before I arrived. It was so fresh and creamy and the perfect “salt” from the brine its kept in. They’re doing big things in a small space in the back of Reading Terminal, next time you’re in town check it out!

Valley Shepherd Creamery

51 N 12th street


Phone: (267) 639-3309


Chef Sean Gallagher


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